Classes are held in a large, comfortable hall with plenty of wall space, wooden floorboards, and both natural light and fresh air whenever possible. All equipment, including mats, straps, bolsters, benches, blankets and blocks, etc. is provided.

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Bookings Essential

Please call Ruth on 0400 135 537 to confirm your place before attending class.

Covid Information

You must be triply vaccinated to attend class.  Please use hand sanitiser when you enter the hall. You are welcome to bring your own equipment but if using the school’s equipment please wipe hard surface equipment (blocks, chairs, etc. ) after use with alcohol wipes provided.  You may bring a large towel to cover blankets, bolsters, etc.

Other Important Information

If you have any physical problems or are menstruating or pregnant, please inform your teacher.

Do not eat a meal for 3 hours or a light snack for 1 1/2 hours before attending class. Wear comfortable, loose clothing (tights, shorts, track suits), and you will need to have bare feet.

IYSK students.