“I have been attending classes at the Iyengar Yoga School Kur-ring-gai for about eight years, since I moved to Lindfield. In that time my health, fitness and flexibility has improved enormously. The room is spacious with plenty of parking. Ruth and the other teachers are experienced and friendly, adjusting their teaching for all levels of ability and experience. After injuring my back (not at yoga!), Ruth supported my recovery with alternative positions and the use of props to increase my flexibility and strength. The group is friendly and welcoming for all ages from teenagers to seniors. The Iyengar Yoga School Kur-ring-gai is a lovely community to be a part of.”    Cheryl, Lindfield.

“Ruth is a wonderful, experienced teacher who is attuned to the abilities of individual students and will accommodate specific needs. The school is warm and inclusive and I look forward to every class!”
Cindy Chen, 32, student for 3 years

“I’d been doing some yoga on and off over the years – my first lessons some 30 years ago were Iyengar yoga.  A friend invited me to join Ruth’s class for a yoga session, which I found challenging but very rewarding. During Ruth’s session she seemed to be going through poses that I really needed – they ‘spoke’ to me. Throughout each pose she was attentive, providing precise words of instruction when needed to correct an imbalance here and there or that simply enhanced my experience of each pose. It was nice to experience new adjustments to some poses I’d done a lot. The next day I felt better, had much less neck and shoulder pain, my muscles felt like they had had a workout but that felt good and three days later I was feeling great. Ruth is very warm, friendly and engaging, making me feel very welcomed to the class, but a firm instructor who seems to sense one’s capacity in each pose. I greatly appreciate these aspects of the classes I now regularly attend, and other class members have been very welcoming and supportive, in part due to the culture Ruth has fostered.”  Dave, student of a few months

Ruth is an exceptional teacher and a terrific communicator of the steps and tips you need to do yoga well and she is particularly good at giving personal tuition to students during her classes. I have been coming to Ruth’s classes for over 25 years and enjoy every class, and it has benefitted me enormously. As an older male (!) its good to know I can practice yoga with such an understanding and skilful teacher and it has done me no  end of good to attend classes regularly. I couldn’t recommend Ruth more highly to anyone wanting to try her classes.”  Michael, Northbridge

“After moving to Frenchs Forest from the Inner West, I found Ruth and IYSK whilst “shopping around” for a good yoga school within a 10km radius of our home. I am a chronic migraine sufferer (whose migraines had increased after yoga classes) and an ex-professional dancer, so I needed someone with experience that could guide me through my practice with migraines in mind, as well as see past my hyper-mobility and help me build stability and strength in my joints. I have attended so many different schools.  However, after the first class with Ruth I knew I’d found my teacher. She identified my weak areas and corrected me instantly in a way that was clear and totally transferable into my practice. Ruth helped me modify positions to alleviate pressure into my head, and over a period of months, I started to notice my migraines had decreased. I wasn’t sure to what exactly to attribute the improvement I had been noticing until I had 2 months away from yoga classes and my migraines returned to 2-3 per week. Returning to class afterwards they calmed down again so I am positive that these Iyengar classes are behind my migraine improvement! I now don’t need to modify any of the positions for my migraines and feel stronger than I ever did during my dancing career. I can’t recommend Ruth Willetts and IYSK enough!”  Alex, 40, student for 3 years

“I joined Ruth Willetts’ Iyengar Yoga Beginners’ Class in 2018.  I was 76 and had problems with my arms and knees due to arthritis.  Ruth is a very warm person who immediately welcomed me into her class.  Ruth has the ability to give everyone the special help and encouragement they need.  She takes the time to find out each person’s problem areas and adjusts the exercises to meet their special needs.  I am much stronger since attending Ruth’s classes and have ceased having to go to the physiotherapist on a regular basis.  I would highly recommend Ruth’s Iyengar Yoga Classes to anyone.  Eve 77, student for 1 year

“My husband and I have participated quite regularly in Ruth’s classes during the past few years. We love her personality and her vast knowledge of the asanas. Her instructions are clear, well-structured and unambiguous. Ruth attends quietly to all students, making suggestions and corrections of our posture, so that we can get the full benefit of each pose. She inspires us to keep practising, to find out and understand more about yoga. Most impressive is her unwavering energy which she must be getting from practising yoga. Last but not least, Ruth always has a smile on her face. Her warm and caring attitude creates a unique atmosphere in her classes.”   Franziska (teacher) and Falko Thiele

“Ruth is an exceptional teacher, who is able to both teach a room full of students, while at the same time, provide each individual with personal attention.  She takes the time to understand the unique challenges of each student to ensure they get the very best out of the classes. Ruth’s classes are well-paced, informative and instructive. I have no hesitation in recommending Ruth and her Iyengar Yoga school to anyone who is interested in yoga, no matter what level of experience they bring.”  Jenny Morris, student for 20 years 

“I had been doing yoga for the best part of the last 40 years, but when I moved to Sydney it was very hard to find a good yoga instructor.  My luck changed when I took a chance and found the Iyengar Yoga School in the Yellow Pages.  It turned out to be one of the best decisions yet! Ruth is an extremely talented teacher and her classes are never boring or repetitive.  She has her eye on every participant and constantly corrects, advises or encourages us.  I cannot recommend her enough, and as long as I can stay on my feet I will be attending her classes!”
Marina Erens, 72, student for 4 years.

“I’ve been attending Ruth’s yoga classes for  20 years – since I was a teenager. Ruth is an extremely knowledgeable, skilled and kind teacher. She adjusts every exercise to meet the participants’ skill level so the exercises are never too hard or too easy. Her classes are enjoyable and interesting, and the other students are friendly. Ruth’s yoga classes have made a big difference to my health – I feel stronger, more flexible and relaxed. I highly recommend Ruth as a yoga teacher and IYSK as a yoga school.”
Sandra Louw, 34

“I am a beginner/intermediate yoga student and have been attending Ruth’s classes on and off for several years, and most recently with my wife. Ruth’s classes are excellent. Her teaching and instruction is very clear and friendly and I always feel welcome and refreshed after a class. I highly recommend Ruth as a Yoga teacher.”
Peter, 57

“Ruth is a wonderful yoga teacher – hugely experienced, rigorous but extremely attentive to individual needs and levels of experience, and always encouraging you to extend yourself just that little bit more to get the most out of your practice. She’s also a real sweetie with a warm sense of humour, and her classes are a relaxed, happy and nurturing place to be.”
Charis Perkins, 47, student for 3 years

“Iyengar Yoga is a discipline I have been practicing regularly with instructor Ruth Willetts for over eight years now. I have enjoyed Ruth’s classes because of her professionalism, attention to detail, experience and knowledge about the discipline, ability to demonstrate poses, and ability to fine tune changes required to correct poses and achieve a pose as perfect as the imperfect body can achieve. One thing I have learnt with yoga is that you can direct your energy strongly to achieve a perfect pose however there is always something to learn to improve the pose. The Yoga journey never ends…… My own observation as a female at the age of 60 years, is that I have become stronger not weaker over the last eight years and hope to continue this trend for as long as I am able. I hope I can continue to enjoy the practice of Iyengar Yoga with Ruth for many years to come.”
Kathryn Watts, 61

“I took up Iyengar Yoga while I was pregnant and all these years later still look forward to every class. I have been attending Ruth’s classes for over 10 years. It’s amazing to feel stronger and more flexible the older you get!”
Barbara Koeppel, 54

“I have been attending Iyengar Yoga classes with Ruth Willetts for two and a half years.  I started when I saw how beneficial yoga had been to a friend with chronic back problems.  I certainly haven’t regretted my decision.  The exercises are not easy, but Ruth and her teachers are professional and compassionate and I have made steady progress.  The other students are of all ages, friendly and supportive.  Come along and try it – you will feel much better for it!”
Tony Mitchell